Sunday, May 31, 2015

Viva Fast Vegas - Betfair Poker - This Weeks Final - 9pm BST

This weeks final is on tonight at 9pm BST, with around 60 minutes of late reg.

The tourney structures are as follows:

€90+10 entry fee
2 x Multi Entries available per player
10 x rebuys available per entry.
1 x addon available per entry

3 min blinds, with 2500 starting stack

1 x €5000 Vegas Package guaranteed!

Lots of feeder satellites starting from €1 upwards

Good Luck to all who play!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Quest for Vegas! Part Deux!

Betfair Poker have again issued me with a challenge! Come on Graeme, win ya way to Vegas!

They have excelled again this year with their new promotion to take as many Betfair players to play in the Poker Mecca of Las Vegas this summer. The promotion began a couple of weeks ago and the players have been getting excited at the prospect of winning a package worth a cool €5000!

Your Team Betfair package includes:
- €2,200 for travel and spending
- €1,500 entry to a flagship Poker tournament
- 7 nights hotel accommodation for 2 people in the Palazzo all-suite hotel between June 11th and June 18th.
- Exclusive Team Betfair events - including excursions to the Grand Canyon and a welcome party.

Now whats not to like about that package?

Awesome expenses, an amazing hotel (I've stayed there, its luxury!)Parties, wonders of the world and of course, the WSOP!

Qualify now on Betfair poker, Satellites running daily and weekly finals on Sunday 9pm

Who knows, you may see me there!

Good luck


ps.....this weeks final.....errrrrmm less said the better, J9 spades vs J9 Hearts AIPF, .....he flopped the flush.....eek!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My Quest For Vegas - A Month With Betfair Poker

At the start of June I accepted a challenge, a quest you may say, to win my way back to the U.S of A! Las Vegas in particular and the World Series of Poker.

I was offered a fantastic package on Betfair to get back playing on their site and without bias or bullshit, I don't know why more of you aren't playing here, the platform is iPoker so they have the big weekly games, but it also offers so many promotions its unreal, and they are a cracking way to increase your bank roll or to win yourself a decent prize or two.

Here's a summary of how I got on and the promotions I took part in.

€250 Welcome Freerolls - Played 5, Cashed 3 - Winnings = €33

Footy Shirt Special MTT's - Played 4, Cashed 2 - Winnings = €50 in Free Bets

Vegas Experience Finals - Played 4, Cashed 0 - 22nd, 11th, 6th and 13th - close but no cigar!

Rookie Decathlon (earn 20sp per day) = 2 shares of the €2k pot - Winnings = €37.74

Twister Poker - Played 5 x €5 games, Won 2  - Winnings = €40

So all in all, a great experience and a welcome return to the tables for me, variance is a bitch, but I'm fighting her all the way!

I want to thank Betfair Poker and Anthony Morris for their generosity and fantastic support throughout the month, if you need me again or have any tokens going spare in the future, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you or play for you guys.

Also thanks to a few of my mates for the railing and taking part, you fekkers won football shirts after reading my blog telling you to play the events, I failed, grrrrrr!

I never made it to Vegas but I had a great month trying. Thanks again for reading, thanks for the opportunities and good luck to you all at the tables.


Monday, June 23, 2014

My Quest for Vegas - Part errrmmmm - Sunday Final 3

So the weekly final was played today and I have to say I enjoyed my poker immensely tonight, even though I was a few hands off a package!

I wanted to stay fresh so decided to just play 2 MTT's in the hope of making a) The final table of both and b) winning a lot of money!

The 1st game was the €250 Welcome Freeroll (4 out of 5 cashes in this) and I was on fire, hands hitting, hands holding up and hands rivering better hands, it doesn't get better than that! Until heads up that is, where I couldn't hit a cows arse with a shovel! So finishing 2nd was ok, it was €18 of free money, and it all adds up!

The 2nd game was obviously the big one, the Betfair Vegas Experience Sunday Final!

2 x €4000 packages guaranteed for just a €150 buy in. 50 players entered in total which meant an overlay of exactly €1k and with a structure so good it allows a lot of play early on, the action was surprisingly crazy at times.

Even when we reached the final table, the blinds were just 250/500 and meant we had around 30bb each, lots of fun! Once the final table began I lost a massive flip, KK vs A10 which would have left me in the top 2 of chips but instead I found myself in the bottom 2 of chips all the way.

I eventually bust in 6th place with 75o in the BB when my 7 made 2nd pair, unfortunately for me, the other player in the hand had the Ace on the flop and it was good game good night. I cant be upset at all by my play, just gutted I never won a package.

 I have one chance left next week and boy am I gonna make the most of it!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Betfair Poker - Blind Rake Race

One Vegas package, one weekend to take it down.

It couldn’t be simpler – accumulate more Status Points than any other player this weekend, and you’ll be spending this 4th of July in Vegas.

Cards are in the air from 18:00 BST on Friday 20 June, then you’ve got until midnight on Sunday to secure your €4,000 package.
The winner will be contacted on Monday with the good news!

Just take a look at what your Vegas Experience includes:

Hotel: You’ll have five nights at the Palazzo from July 2nd to July 7th.

Buy-in: to the Series of Poker: Play with the best in a $1.1k buy-in tournament on July 3rd.

Hospitality: We’ll treat you to a limo ride around Vegas with photo-shoot and drinks; you’ll race a supercar around the Vegas Speedway before partying at the top of the Stratosphere on July 4th.

Entertainment: You’ll also be able to choose one of the following VIP events: 1 ticket to MMA Championship, 1 ticket for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour or 2 tickets to Cirque de Soleil.

Cash Credit: €1,000 to purchase return flights to Las Vegas, USA and €500 to use as spending money during your time in Las Vegas.

Monday, June 16, 2014

My Quest For Vegas - Part 6 - Sunday Final 2

I'm going to keep this blog entry short and bitter!

Todays final could not have been any worse for me.

99 < KJ
AA < A10
AQ < 78

3k chips < out before the break!

I think I was 32nd of 46 players and couldn't have done much more to change the outcome of the results of each hand. I was given great starting hands and either outdrawn or missed every flop I saw. Couple that to being sat on an aggressive table that liked to bet/raise/re-raise every hand, it was hard to play and not that easy to enjoy.

Still time yet, and whatever happens it cant be worse than it was yesterday!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Quest to Vegas - Part 5

So its been 5 days since my last update and that's partially because I had a couple of days off to think about my play, to reflect on decisions made and also to review a few hands with a couple of friends who I hope have made me a better player since they began telling me I wasn't as good as I once thought.

I want to start today by reminding you all about a load of added value and endless overlays that this promotion seems to have, and whilst the overlay is great for players, we need people to join in and play or the poker rooms will end up stopping these awesome promos.

  • Sunday Final - €150 buy in with 2x€4000 packages guaranteed - overlay last week approx 3k!
  • Footie Shirt Specials - €1 buy in with added prizes of a footie shirt and free bets - overlay 3 times per night of approx €50!
  • Big Win Cash Tables - Hit a hand better than quad 4's and receive a Sunday Final ticket worth €150
  • Big Win Cash Tables - Hit Ac4444 and receive a FREE €4k trip to the WSOP with Betfair!
  • Twister STT Tables - 3 handed with buy-ins to suit all bankrolls - random prize for winner of up to 1000x the buy in - crazy!
Please support these amazing promotions, sign up and play and have a blast!! Who know's, if you do well we could all have a beer or 5 in Las Vegas!

Oh, now to my quest, I won another €10 ticket also was 1 card away from winning a trip to Vegas! so damn close! I WILL GET THERE THOUGH! BET ON IT!

And finally - I think someone's taking the piss a little, although it was funny when I saw it!